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Home Care Package Support with ADSSIMost people prefer to live at home. They want to stay a valued part of their community and live in the home they have grown to love. If you are looking for support to keep living in the safe environment of your own home, Adssi can help.  We can support you to stay a part of your community in The Entrance and enjoy growing older with your support needs well taken care of.

In-home aged care packages can help you to continue living the life you love and to achieve all your goals.  This can be with a little or a lot of support and will depend on your situation. An independent assessment via My Aged Care will help you understand what is available in terms of support to meet your personal and individual needs.

Package Levels

Home Care Packages are available from Level 1 to Level 4, with different levels of complexities addressed in each level.

  • Approx. 2 hours per week on HCP Level 1
  • Approx. 3 - 5 hours per week on HCP Level 2
  • Approx. 7 - 9 hours per week on HCP Level 3
  • Approx. 10 - 13 hours per week on HCP Level 4

*Note:  Travel kilometres may impact on the above.

Support Coordinated to Suit You

At the very start, you will be assigned a Case Manager who will help you to make sense of your Home Care Package.  You will be able to understand it as they unpack it for you and help you to get the value from it.

You can look forward to an expertly trained and experienced coordinator to partner with you, act on your behalf and advocate to get the service and support you need to live a well-supported life as you grow older.

Your coordinator will ensure that they understand your needs, have good communication with you and set you up to achieve success and the best outcomes so that you can focus on enjoying life.

You will have peace of mind in knowing that you will be partnered and supported when the time comes to have your plan reviewed. Your coordinator will be familiar with your needs and expectations and will ensure that your support keeps up with changes in your health, lifestyle, and abilities. You will always be able to count on full understanding when it comes to your support needs.

Services and Support Available

Support is provided in the following areas depending on your need and abilities:

  • Help with showers, dressing, shaving and grooming.
  • A hand with domestic aspects including laundry, mopping, vacuuming, dusting and wiping surfaces.
  • Support with taking medication.
  • Help with shopping.
  • Transport to medical appointments.
  • Garden and yard support for a tidy environment.
  • Food preparation.

On top of this you can look forward to assistance with:

  • Support with social connection.
  • Connecting you with Health and Wellbeing Programs.
  • Home modifications with your safety and mobility in mind.
  • Support to attend outings and be involved in community initiatives.
  • Installation of handrails, stairlifts and ramps to enable you to move around.
  • Providing you with safety and peace of mind in the form of monitoring devices so that your family can have valuable peace of mind.
  • Help you to participate in gentle exercising for a healthy body.
  • Support you to join men’s groups or craft circles.

Contact the ADSSI Team Today

ADDSI is waiting for your call to help you access the many options available to clients needing support to continue living in their own homes in The Entrance.  We are proudly inclusive of diversity and fully committed to reconciliation.  Our team is hired on values of customer focus, integrity, excellence, professionalism and passion.

We want to support you to continue living in your familiar neighbourhood.  We are ready to help you with all your in-home care support needs. Speak to a friendly team member today for more information or send us your details using the form and we'll call you.

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