Do it yourself Safety Audit

At Adssi HomeLiving Australia, we provide practical help for people to stay living safely in their own home. The safety audit below is easy to do, and can help you identify risks and prevent falls and injury. Take a look around your home, inside and out, and check the following:

    Leaking or dirty gutters can overflow on to paths and make them slippery and a falls risk.We can repair, replace or clean your gutters to reduce risks.
    These are a trip hazard and can cause significant injuries.Prevent a fall by having them pressure cleaned or repaired if they are uneven.
    Loose or faulty locks and catches on windows and doors can be a security risk.Have them repaired or replaced for peace of mind.
    This can protect you against electrocution if one of your electrical appliances fails.Our licensed electrician can install a safety switch for you.
    Remember - always turn your heater off before going to bed and keep curtains and otheritems clear! We can install a smoke alarm with a 10 year battery to ensure you are protected.
    Rotting or rusted rails, stairs and decking can cause trips and falls. Have them repaired orreplaced by our licensed tradesman to ensure they are sturdy and safe.
    These can easily be replaced making them safe to use once again.
    Installing a sensor light will make it easier and safer for you to be outside when it’s dark.It’s also convenient (and safe!) if you arrive home after dark.
    Our garden team can provide a one-off garden tidy to prune back overhanging trees andshrubs, improving visibility inside and out and making access along paths safer.
  • If you answered No to all of the above, congratulations, it looks like you have things nice and tidy around the house!

  • If you answered Yes to some of the items on the checklist and you need help to get any of these jobs done, please call Rob for a quote on 1300 578 478 ext 201 or complete your contact details below and we'll be in contact to discuss these with you:

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