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Old age comes with many life changes. How can we adapt as we age to unpredictable and changing circumstances? With the home care packages and services!

Aged care homes offer older people and their families an option, but staying at home, in familiar surroundings, with neighbours and friends nearby, might be a better choice for others.

The majority of people prefer to stay at home with some kind of support to allow them to remain there safely. Rest assured you’ll be in safe hands with an accredited organisation like Adssi, whose case managers and in-home staff are qualified and police checked.

Home Care Packages provide subsidised in-home aged care and are specifically tailored to each individual. These packages are allocated in levels from 1 – 4, with level 1 providing basic support through to level 4 for people needing more complex support.

Adssi offers a wide range of Home Care Packages that puts your needs first. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Adssi’s versatile Home Care Packages Central Coast (HCP’s).

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Home Care Packages in Central Coast

You have the ability to control your Home Care Packages Central Coast!

Have a say in the type and the frequency of in-home support you receive. We welcome the input of loved ones and are very experienced at helping our clients identify and prioritise the best use of their HCP.

Talk with our friendly staff about what is important to you, in order to help you continue to live at home.

At Adssi, you can change the type of support you receive if and when your needs change.

A Home Care Package with Adssi In-home Support gives you access to allied health services. This includes services and support with our qualified occupational therapists and physiotherapists in your home. You can also access a range of wellbeing programs including gentle exercise (either in your home or in a small group), falls prevention programs, overnight respite getaways, social support outings like going to the movies, enjoying lunch and variety concerts.

Home Care Package Subsidy Rates

The Australian Government’s HCP guidelines require you to pay a fee for the cost of the service, to supplement the package budget. The fee is based on 17.5% of the single full pension. 

What you’re expected to pay is based on an assessment of your financial situation. This assessment doesn’t take into consideration the value of your home or any other assets and is determined by Centrelink. 

How To Access A Home Care Package

My Aged Care is the gateway for all Australians to access subsidised in-home aged care. Start by giving them a call on 1800 200 422.

They will arrange an in-home assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team who will determine your eligibility and the types of services you can access. ACATs consists of experienced health professionals that will listen and provide you with valuable information, advice and assistance.

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Adssi’s Home Care Packages – Level 1 to Level 4

Home Care Packages are allocated in levels, from Level 1 to Level 4. Each level has a budget assigned by the government, together with a contribution from you. The main difference between each home care package level is the amount of care and services that can be purchased and the budget provided by the government.

Home Care Package – Level 1

A Home Care Package Level 1 provides around 1 – 2 hours of service per week. It is designed to support people who have basic care needs.  You choose the type of support that will best suit you.

Home Care Package – Level 2

The level two Home Care Package equates between 3-5 hours of service per week. It is designed to support people with low-level needs. You choose the type of support that will best suit you.

Home Care Package – Level 3 

The level three HCP is designed to support those with intermediate care needs. The level three HCP equates to 7 – 9 hours of service per week.  Tailor your home care package with the types of support that will best help you stay living at home safely and independently.

Home Care Package – Level 4 

This Home Care Package Central Coast is designed to support those with high-level care needs. The level four HCP equates to 10-13 hours of service per week. Adssi’s qualified and experienced team will support your high-level and complex care needs in the comfort of your own home. 

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Home Care Services

Regardless of the Home Care Services Package level you have, you can use it for the following types of services and support:

Personal care

Simple everyday tasks such as getting dressed or taking a shower may not be as simple and straightforward for everyone. Inability to perform simple tasks may cause tremendous amounts of stress.

This can be avoided with some assistance by our trained and caring professionals.

Shopping & meal preparation

If you are unable to shop for groceries or other necessities, Adssi can help. Our caring staff can take you grocery shopping, or do your shopping on your behalf.

They can also help you prepare your preferred fresh meals for you to enjoy.

General Household Chores

A clean home environment contributes to your overall well-being. Adssi’s trained staff will assist you with general household cares like cleaning, vacuuming and laundry, including hanging out and bringing in the washing. 


Do you have somewhere you need to be? We can take you there! Our Home Care Services Central Coast includes transport for shopping and medical appointments or to visit friends and family.

Social support

Keeping socially active is good for our wellbeing. Adssi provides social support outings for groups to enjoy lunches, variety concerts, movies etc or for individuals to continue to participate in hobbies or visit friends and family. 

Wellbeing Programs

Staying well makes our day-to-day activities easier to manage. Adssi has numerous wellbeing programs including falls prevention, gentle exercise (in a group or in your home), tea and technology seminars to help keep you connected.

Allied health support services

Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and podiatry services can be delivered in the comfort and privacy of your home. This can help support you to improve your health, safety and independence and to stay well. Our team is qualified, experienced and caring.

Personal Alarms

We have a range of devices and equipment that can give you and your family peace of mind to remain living safely and independently. Choose the system that suits you best by speaking with one of our Case Managers.

Home and garden maintenance

Adssi will maintain your garden and lawn, helping to keep it tidy and safe.

Linen Service

Our linen service provides twice-weekly delivery (and pick up) of towels, sheets, pillowcases and bed protectors. We can also help you with changing the bed linen.

Home Modifications

Modify your home to suit your needs. Whether you need a handrail or ramp installed or a bathroom modification, Adssi can help make things easier and safer around your home.

Nursing care

In-home nursing means less time spent stressing about your health and more time spent doing things that actually matter to you. Adssi’s trained professionals will take good care of you.

Dementia Care

Adssi is committed to providing excellent service for people living with dementia and their carer. Our qualified and caring staff can provide assistance to help keep you safe and comfortable in your own home.

Respite Services

We offer respite services to give carers a break. If you’re a carer and need some you time, get in touch to access Adssi’s respite services. Our kind and caring team will ensure your loved one is safe whilst you take a break, whether it’s for an a hour or so, or perhaps even longer if you need to. 

Please note that you can’t use your Home Care Package Central Coast to:

  • Pay your rent or mortgage.
  • Buy your groceries or meals.
  • Pay for holidays.
  • Pay your Home Care Package or other fees
  • Please note that travel kilometres may impact the hours of service that you receive.
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The Right Service Provider

When you are assigned a Home Care Service Package Central Coast, you can choose Adssi to design and deliver the supports and services that suit your needs.

HCP’s are flexible and cater to your individual needs. Having the ability to decide and pick a package that works best for you is extremely important. Adssi ticks all the boxes!

Adssi In-Home Support has been supporting people on the Central Coast for over 30 years. A Home Care Service with Adssi offers flexibility and the opportunity to live your best life, knowing your needs are taken care of.

How To Access Your Home Care Package in Central Coast?

Wondering how to access your Home Care Package Central Coast?

Please contact ACAT via My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit www.myagedcare.gov.au, and follow the steps below.

Step 1. Talk to Adssi

Have you received a letter from My Aged Care letting you know you have been assigned a Home Care Package?

Our experienced Case Managers can help you through the set-up process. Please have your letter from My Aged Care handy, give us a call on 1300 578 478 or visit our website.

Step 2. Discuss your abilities, needs, priorities and goals

At Adssi we’re here to listen and provide the best possible HCP to suit your individual needs.

Whether you’d like to join a social group or return to a hobby group like bowls, visit an old friend or have some help around the house, we’re here to support you with what you need to keep you living safely and independently.

Step 3. Develop a care plan that supports your goals

We offer flexible times and services to suit you and your goals. By working and communicating with our clients we’re able to develop a care plan that supports the individual’s goals. 

Step 4. Choose your services and support

Select what is important to you! We offer complete control for you to choose the type of support you’d like and when you’d like to receive it. 

Step 5. We’ll monitor and review your care plan

At Adssi we liaise with both you and your carer to ensure that your home care package is right for you. If your needs change, we can make changes to the types of services and support you have.

Adssi In-Home Support: home care services in Central Coast

Looking for the best home care packages Central Coast?

Adssi provides HCPs across the Central Coast, and Northern Sydney areas. There are no hidden nor exit fees with an Adssi In-home Support Home Care Package. Submit right now our online enquiry below.

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