Embracing Dementia Action Week 2023: Building a Dementia-Friendly Future for All

Dementia Action Week 2023 is upon us, and it’s an opportune time to reflect on the strides we’ve made in understanding dementia, reducing stigma, and improving support systems. This week, we acknowledge the significance of fostering a more inclusive and compassionate society for individuals living with dementia. Join us as we delve into three crucial aspects: less fear and greater understanding, combating stigma and discrimination, and the need for enhanced support systems.

Less Fear and Greater Understanding of Dementia

Understanding dementia is the first step towards building a more compassionate society. Fearing the unknown is natural, but knowledge is a powerful antidote to fear. Dementia is not just one condition but a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking, and social abilities. It’s important to grasp this concept fully.

Empathy and education go hand in hand. By familiarising ourselves with the challenges individuals with dementia face, we can provide better support and understanding, ultimately reducing the fear associated with the condition.

Less Stigma and Discrimination

Stigma and discrimination remain significant hurdles for individuals living with dementia and their families. The misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding dementia can lead to isolation and shame, preventing those affected from seeking help and participating in their communities.

As a society, we must work collectively to reduce stigma and discrimination by fostering open conversations, educating others about dementia, and supporting organisations dedicated to this cause.

More Support and Better Systems for People with Dementia

Creating a dementia-friendly future means building robust support systems that enable individuals with dementia to live well within their communities for longer. This involves enhancing healthcare services, caregiver support, and community engagement. 

Australia has taken significant steps toward this goal through initiatives like the National Dementia Action Plan. This plan outlines strategies to improve dementia care, research, and support. It’s crucial that we continue advocating for the implementation of these measures.

In addition, organisations like Adssi offer essential home care services that allow individuals with dementia to remain in their familiar environments while receiving the necessary support.

Tips for Communities

Community involvement is essential in creating a dementia-friendly society. Here are seven tips for communities to consider:

  1. Raise your awareness: Contrary to common belief, dementia isn’t just about memory. There are many resources available to help you educate yourself on dementia.
  2. Include, encourage and empower: Create opportunities for people living with dementia to contribute. This helps individuals stay connected and engaged in the community.
  3. Listen with your heart: Listen to people living with dementia with an open heart and mind. Body language can show that you are engaged and present.
  4. Create moments of joy: If someone in your community is living with dementia, look for comedy and ways to laugh together.
  5. Make your environment dementia-friendly: People living with dementia often have different sensory perceptions, and their immediate environment can have a significant impact on their well-being.
  6. Look out for people in your community: Find ways to connect and introduce yourself to people in your community. Simple gestures like saying ‘hello’ and showing kindness might make a big difference. 
  7. Share the knowledge: Sharing what you have learned about dementia with your friends, family and work colleagues can help everyone increase their awareness – and help eliminate discrimination.

Celebrating Progress and Looking Ahead

As we commemorate Dementia Action Week 2023, it’s essential to celebrate the progress we’ve made while looking ahead to the future. By acknowledging the challenges faced by individuals living with dementia and their caregivers, we pave the way for a more compassionate and inclusive society. 

Moreover, it’s a call to action for policymakers, healthcare professionals, and communities to continue the work of improving dementia care. We must prioritise research into better treatments, early diagnosis, and support for caregivers who play a crucial role in the lives of those with dementia.

A Dementia-Friendly Future Benefits Everyone

Building a dementia-friendly future isn’t just about benefiting those with dementia; it’s about creating a more inclusive society for everyone. By removing barriers and promoting understanding, we build communities better equipped to support all members, regardless of their cognitive abilities.

Join Us in Making a Difference

Dementia Action Week 2023 serves as a reminder that we must continue our efforts to create a world where individuals living with dementia are supported, understood, and valued. By fostering less fear, reducing stigma, and enhancing support systems, we can build a dementia-friendly future that benefits us all.


Live your best life,

Team Adssi

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