Three better ways to stay in touch.

1. Adssi smartphone app

2 Direct SMS service line

3. Self-service number to call and listen to your services


By allowing real-time access to scheduled services and care plans, we hope to encourage stronger involvement with our clients and families.

The Adssi App

Through the Adssi app, you (or an authorised family member) can view your scheduled service visits, request new services, or amend existing arrangements.

Direct SMS service line

We are also offering an SMS communication service to all mobile phone users. We will send out SMS messages to notify you when your booked services change - if a different worker is coming to see you or if the visit’s date or the time has changed. You will also be able to SMS requests to our Customer Service team on
0480 097 210. The same team will be looking after your schedule.

Self-service number

No smartphone? No worries!

You can dial our self-service smart number on 1300 578 478 to hear when your next service is scheduled. You can call daily and check if you have expected services. The automated service will read out your next service time. You can also request to have your next three service appointments sent to you by text (SMS).

Your care is now in your hands!

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